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SEO Agency in Pune Which Drive Organic Traffic To Your Website

LeGusTry is a leading name in providing comprehensive search engine optimization (SEO) services in Pune, India. We offer an experienced and talented team, which creates the best SEO strategies and techniques to promote our client’s websites.

By implementing these strategies, we drive a high volume of organic traffic to these websites, which ultimately helps to convert more customers. Hence, if you’re looking for a result-oriented agency in Pune, LeGusTry is the best choice!

Why We Offer Premium SEO Services?

In today’s day and age, most consumers rely on search engines to help them find what they are looking for, right from a restaurant for lunch, to recommendations for which phone to buy next.

Hence, regardless of what your business offers or which industry you are in, your target audience is most likely looking for your products or services on search engines like Google. If you want them to land on your website, you need the best SEO agency in Pune to outrank your competitors.

Still don’t believe us? Here are some compelling statistics that show why you need SEO services:

  • 57% of B2B marketers say that SEO generates more leads than any of their other marketing initiatives. 
  • Google has received nearly 2.3 trillion searches this year.
  • Of the billions of searches that happen on a given day, 15% of daily searches are new to Google.
  • On the first page alone, the first five organic results account for 67.60% of all the clicks.
  • 61% of marketers say improving SEO and growing their organic presence is their top inbound marketing priority. 

It’s evident that your customers are online. The only question is, are you visible to them?

Why You Should Choose LeGusTry as Your SEO Service Provider in Pune

Our SEO experts at LeGusTry work relentlessly to ensure our clients are on the top by providing the best SEO services in Pune. For this, we have developed a ‘recipe to success,’ which ensures that in due time, our client’s keywords outrank its competitors and drives maximum traffic to our client’s website.

1. Audit

As the top SEO agency in Pune, we believe in starting from the very beginning. To create a strategy for improvements, we need first to understand what’s wrong and where is the scope to better the website. We generally conduct two types of audits:

Technical Audit

For this type, we look at every element on your website, which can impact your SEO performance.

Content Audit

To go above and beyond as the top SEO agency in Pune, we provide another type of audit as well. In most cases, this audit is only conducted when a particular website contains many pages of content, which can be used to help the website rank faster.

2. Technical SEO

When it comes to technical SEO, there’s a lot to think about, including:

  • Index status.
  • Crawl budget.
  • Crawl errors.
  • Internal links.
  • Sitemaps.
  • Site/page speed.
  • Redirects.
  • Broken links.
  • HTTPS.
  • AMP
  • Meta Tags
  • Alt Tags
  • Header Tags

3. Keyword Research

To understand where your audience is, you need to know how people search, what they search for, and how search engines use keywords to display websites on their result pages.

Hence, as an SEO agency in Pune, we conduct a keyword set with catch-phrases that have been strategically picked to ensure your clients or customers find you when they need it the most.

4. Content Strategy

There are millions of pages of content present online. Hence, to attract your customer’s interest, you need to create content that will attract the people you want to become your customers or clients. At LeGusTry, we provide content that is easy to read and informative, especially explaining who you are, what you offer, and find exactly what they’re looking for.

5. Tracking Google Algorithms

You can’t control Google or any other search engine’s ranking. However, you can ensure you are following the best practices and optimizing factors of your website that are important to these search engines.

As a great SEO agency in Pune, we at LeGusTry understand how search algorithms work. Moreover, we also keep track of the latest Google Algorithms and make changes to the strategy accordingly.

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